The Secret to Submitting, Sweeping And Destroying The Competition With This Guard System Even If You Have Little Experience!

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Law of Guard: Complete Course

You’ll learn the leg drag defense, how to protect your feet, spider guard theory and everything you’ll need to know about the guard. Then I show you how to pull guard in tournaments, improve grip strength and countless other tips and tricks. With over 30 dowloads, 4 hours of video instruction and a video Quick Start Guide to start your journey! This is a must have course if you compete, or use the guard in daily training!



Killer Omo Plata: The Omo Plata Secrets Revealed

You’ll learn the Triangle, 3 arm bars, the re-omo plata, wrist locks and more submissions to defeat the toughest opponents! Killer Omo Plata is an Hour and 20 Minutes long and is packed with everything you need to know about the omo plata!





Platinum Competitors Club: Private Lessons, Virtual Coaching and Video Critique for Serious Grapplers ONLY!

Video Critique, Virtual Private Lessons and Email Coaching will do amazing things for your BJJ game. This Club is open to a limited amount of people and there are only a few memberships remaining.


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